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Vacationing On A Budget: How and Why You Should Treat Yourself (and family)

School is almost out! If you are like me, then you are ready to get the summer season started and head to the beach, Disney or wherever it is you want to go.

Also if you are like me, you feel a bit anxiety as to if now is the proper time to splurge on a vacation. We haven’t taken an actual family vacation since 2013. But this summer we a deal that no matter what we were going to go somewhere.

Having a big family can make travel pretty difficult. There are car rentals, two hotel rooms (most of the ones we try and get require a second room for our family of 6), meals, entertainment and the like. It can make vacationing pretty expensive for us.

But I have managed to find a way for us to vacation without breaking the bank, and I want to share it with you. So if you have a big family, or if you just want a simpler way to have fun on a budget, then keep reading!

Make Your Vacation Spur of the Moment

If you know that you can vacation at any point in time during the summer, waiting until the last minute to book will usually bring out the bargains from hotels and rental property owners. A lot of deal sites offer last minute discounts for people who are looking for quick getaways. If you are looking to do a vacation rental property, then simply email the homeowner and ask if they can offer you a discount of some sort. The worst they can tell you is no.

Rent A Vacation Home

If you have a large family like I do, renting a home can be one of your best options. This not only give you more space and privacy, but you can save on meals by bringing and cooking your own food. If you invite multiple families, you may be able to save more by splitting the cost of the vacation home.

Stay Close To Home

Traveling within a couple hours of where you live will allow you to save more money on transportation.  There is no doubt that due to the rising cost of gas that transportation cost can easily eat up your entire vacation budget if you do not plan accordingly. Not only that, during the summer gas prices are typically higher, especially if you are going to be near vacation hot spots. If you can drive to where you have to go, and it isn’t far, then this will be your best bet.

Don’t Wait Until The Summer

Summer is and will always be PEAK season for everything. If you want to travel, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, try traveling outside of the summer (before Memorial Day but after Labor Day). Hotel, airfare, car rental, and other rates will drastically go down.

The upside to this is that depending on your destination, you won’t have to deal with nearly as many crowds by traveling outside of the summer.

Planning on traveling to Disney this summer? Be sure to check out this Disney Summer Survival guide!




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