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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic With StumbleUpon

How To Use StumbleUpon To Increase Your Blog Traffic

There are a variety of avenues available on the web to bring traffic to your website. Today we are going to look at how you can use StumbleUpon to add as a traffic referral source.

There are many opinions across the web about the efficiency of SU and whether or not it can hurt your page views. However, whether you want to actively use SU or not to drive traffic to your site, there is no denying that this particular source is great for driving new readers to your blog.

As great as StumbleUpon is for bringing new traffic to your site, there are cons to it as well.

You may notice that your time on site analytics may drop. This is because people stumble off of your site relatively quickly. There are plugins available to help you accurately measure, such as the  WordPress Reduce Bounce Rate plugin. However, it is importantly to note that, this plugin may cause different measurements on your Google Analytics to look odd. Ultimately, I would suggest researching to determine if you feel that this would be beneficial for you to install.

Best Practices For Using StumbleUpon

Do not self promote!

It is very important that you stumble the content of other people more so than you stumble your own. If you continuously self promote on StumbleUpon, you can actually be penalized, and your post will not show up often (if at all) on the site. You have to make sure you give value to others and by liking and sharing their content you will build strong relationship with them.

If you add your own content, remember to follow the 10:1 rule. For every page of yours that you add, remember to add 10 others.

How To Use StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Use frequently.

Like Pinterest, StumbleUpon rewards content creators who use their site frequently. Be sure that you active on SU and stumbling posts as often as possible. To make this easier you can add content by installing the chrome extension SU button. Try and be active on the site for 20 minutes each day if possible.

If you haven’t already, be sure to add a StumbleUpon button to your blog. This will give readers a faster way to add your content to the site.

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