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Protecting Your Blog Pt. I

Blogging is hard work. Many long hours can be spent designing a website, developing content, promotion, photography, reaching out to sponsors; basically, at times blogging can be overwhelming. Knowing how much hard work that you put into your blog, wouldn’t you be livid if someone came along and stole your content or worse-snatched your entire blog out from under you? Believe it or not, these things happen. But there are ways that you can protect yourself and brand.

Use Stock Photos

A newbie blogger mistake is taking photos that you find on Google and Pinterest (or Instagram and Tumblr) and using them without giving proper credit to the originator, nor having permission to use them. This is a huge no no! There are so many amazing websites out there that offer FREE stock photos, so there is no need to steal someone else’s. Likewise, there is also there is also the option of taking the photos you need on your own, however, if you do not own a camera, stock photo sites are a great at option. Infringing on someone else’s copyright can land you into a lot of trouble, so just play it safe and don’t.

Statement of Copyright

You remember those statements that would play before movies on VHS tapes (and DVD’s)? Since you more than likely would not steal someone else’s content, you want to make sure that no one else steals yours. A copyright statement is simply this; it lets your readers, brands or anyone who has access to the internet know that everything on the site is yours and you created it, so they should not just freely take your info and use it for themselves.  Adding a copyright statement to your blog is simple, and can easily be done on the same page as your privacy statement, or at the bottom of your blog page (footer).

Privacy Statement

If I can be real for a moment, most people hate giving up any personal identification about themselves online. For good reason, right? With stores being hacked, credit card info being stolen, even email servers being hacked, it is not hard to imagine that people would be a little weary about entering in their info. By providing a privacy statement, this lets your readers know that there is no worry about you selling their email addresses or names to third parties. As a blogger its also good to keep in mind another big no-no; you are not allowed to sell any info and also can not add them to any lists you may have.

Disclosures for Sponsored Posts

This is another item that you must keep in mind. First, if you use any affiliate links in your blog post, you have to let your readers know upfront. If you have any type of sponsored post or anything that you are getting paid for, legally you have to let your readers know. Remember: EVERY single affiliate link or sponsored post, EVERY single time.


If you want to protect your blog make sure you implement these four easy steps. The last you want is for someone to steal or misuse your content or worse be sued because you stole or misused someone else’s content. Be sure to subscribe to my FREE Blogging 101 e-course if you want to learn more about blogging!

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