3 Ways To Create Viral Pinterest Pins

It’s no secret how much I love Pinterest, and how this site can single-handedly skyrocket your blog; if you take all the steps needed to master it.

There are over 100 million people who use Pinterest monthly, this means you have literally millions of chances to get your content seen by various groups of people.

Why is Pinterest such a great tool? Because it is basically a giant search engine, similar to Google.

So Pinterest is not a social media site?

Yes and no. Mostly no. Pinterest works off of SEO and because of that, unlike on your typical social media sites, as long as your SEO is done correctly, you have more chances for your content to be seen by the right targeted audience.

I have covered many times how to get your pins seen using the Pinterest SEO strategy. But there is another key component that helps your content get noticed.


Pinterest is strictly a visual search engine. This means you want your pins to stand out as much as possible.

How do you do this?

By creating visually appealing graphics, that will make users want to click on them and head to your site.

With that said, keep reading and I show you everything you need in order to create pinnable images.

Pinterest SEO Tips and Tricks for Creating Viral Pinterest Pins


You want to make sure you are using high-quality images for your Pinterest graphics. This means your images must be clear, light, and be vertical (which we will get to in a bit). Well lit, colorful images seems to work best and get repinned more often.

Pinterest users don’t like sharing low-quality photos. Not only is not visually appealing, this also affects the “pinner quality” of other users as well.

If you aren’t that great of a photographer, then I recommend investing in a photographer who can take photos for you, or use stock photography.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

Vertical images that are 702 x 1138 seem to do best on Pinterest. Why? Because horizontal images get scaled down, therefore they will not stand out nearly as much longer images will.


The text gives your image context, and if included on your image, will result in more repins, than if none were included.

When placing text on your images, it is important to ensure that it is eye catching and can be easily read. Make sure your title clearly spells out what your content/post is about. This will help increase your click through rate.

Also, you want to make sure your text is large and in some cases bright (because that does appeal to most people). Keep in mind the types of devices that your pins will be looked at on. Some fonts read better on the desktop than they do on a mobile device. Don’t try and be too fancy with font choices and don’t go crazy with a ton of font variations as well.


Final Thoughts

Whenever you have a post that you want to share on Pinterest, make sure that it has a “pin-worthy” image. This means your images should:

  • Be longer than wide (e.g.: 1138 x 708)
  • Be bright, vibrant, and consistent with your brand
  • Have text with eye-catching titles
  • Consistent font overlay
  • Include your website or logo in the corner somewhere so no one steals your images


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