Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Understanding The Basics

You’ve started your blog and now you want to monitor your traffic. There are a few different avenues that you can use to check your traffic including Alexa, and if you use WordPress, your dashboard. However, the most common, and the one brands and PR firms will more than likely as to see is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics does a pretty great job of accurately measuring your traffic and referral sources. By knowing what content is driving visitors to your site the most, this will help you understand the direction that you may want to take your blog in; especially if you have yet to choose a niche.

Understanding the key target areas in Google Analytics will help you not only get a better understanding of your audience, but it will allow you to accurately and effectively pitch yourself to the right brands, as you will know which products would be a better fit for your audience.

Acquisition Overview

This area lets you know how visitors are coming across your website. You want to know where all of your traffic is coming from. This will allow you to appropriately see which avenues are best for your to market (or not market) your content on.

There are three ways that people can come across your site:

  1. Direct Visitors-the ones that visit your site by directly typing your URL into their browser.
  2. Search Visitors- these visitors find your site based off of search results via Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. This is achieved by using an effective keyword strategy.
  3. Referral Visitors-these visitors find your site via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest likes. Also if you have pingbacks or links on other sites, this will help visitors locate you as well.

Time On Page/Bounce Rate

This is one of the most important metrics on GA (in my opinion of course). You want to know is your audience spending time on your site? Are they actually reading what you wrote? Or are they clicking right off your site, never to return again?

The bounce rate is how you determine if people are staying on your site for extended periods of time. There are people that stumble across your site accidentally, it happens. This is why a high bounce rate isn’t completely terrible, however, if your bounce rate is at like 90% you may want to reevaluate your site and make sure are producing quality content or that your site is user-friendly.

Truth is, there are very few people who actually read an entire blog post. Most people only look at the headlines and then form an opinion (which is why I hate clickbait titles). By utilizing this metric you can understand which posts/content of yours is more relatable to your audience. When you know and understand this, you begin to create more of this content in order to capture your audience’s attention.

Social Overview

If you are a blogger, more than likely you spend time on the various social media platforms promoting your website or latest post.

But do you know which of those sites brings you the most visitors?

If you aren’t sure which sites are working best for you, then you may want to check out your Social Overview Acquisition. This will let you know which platforms give you the biggest ROI in terms of bringing traffic to your website.


You want your audience to not only be repeat users but new ones as well. This signals that you are producing quality content that is being reached by a wider audience on a regular basis. This also signals that the people who have been to your site previously, love your content and often return for more. Building a loyal base is imperative for bloggers, but while building that base, don’t forget to constantly reach out to new potential readers as well.


Do you want to learn more about Google Analytics? Take the webinar and learn more about each of these metrics and how you can use them to increase traffic to your blog.

Google Analytics Dashboard for Beginners & Infographic for Bloggers


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