Drive for Uber: 3 Ways Uber Has Allowed Me to Grow My Business

Drive for Uber: 3 Ways Uber Has Helped Me Build My Business

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If you are a stay at home mom or if you are anyone who is building a business, but still needs to be employed with steady income in the interim, try driving for Uber.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, it can be difficult to find time to earn extra (steady) income on a schedule that works best for me and my family. I have written before about various you can earn money from your smartphone, as well as work from home gigs. However, what sets Uber apart from both of these is the income potential you have, as well as being able to do it when you want to.

With Uber, I have been able to concentrate on my business full-time while working a few hours each week with Uber. The 10-15 hours I put in with Uber (usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings), results in nearly $750 in extra income for our family. While that may not seem like a lot, this has allowed us to pay off several credit cards, as well as two student loans!

Uber has definitely become our “Dave” job, and without it, I would not be able to continue to focus on my blogging (which I still do earn a decent income from monthly).

Here are five ways that Uber has allowed me to grow my business.


As I mentioned, Uber allows me to be able to work when I want to. People need rides constantly, so the fact that there is a 24/7 opportunity to work and make money, is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who still needs to make money. Not only that, unlike most traditional jobs, with Uber, you can work as many or as little hours that you want to work.

Steady Income

Living in a college town has its perks; students are always going someplace. This means the weekend nights that I work, I constantly stay busy. Which is great for my pockets! I am able to bring in a decent amount of income monthly, that has allowed me to help set our family on a path to financial freedom.

I Get Paid Weekly

As a blogger you often have to wait long periods in between pay dates, this means that at times, the income we get from Uber is one of the streams of income that I know I can always count on. Also, once you have driven a certain amount of trips, you can cash out early. This means if I wanted to cash out after each trip, I am able to, and I don’t have to wait until payday to get my money.

If you are looking to make extra income, I highly recommend driving for Uber.


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