10 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Like A Pro

8 Genius Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Like A Pro

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Having an organized kitchen can be a major lifesaver. If you’re like me, the last thing you want to have to look for something that you know you had but was put in the wrong place in the middle of cooking dinner.

It’s so easy to come in after leaving the grocery store and put groceries wherever they will fit (especially if you have the kids helping), but the best thing to remember is to make sure that everything has its place.

Here are 8 genius hacks we found for kitchen organization. Tell us how you keep your kitchen organized in the comments below!

Go from eyesore to Pinterest worthy

Label, Label, Label

Image Credit: Mrs. Meyers

Labeling is a must in kitchen organization. You can have the prettiest containers that Target and IKEA have to offer, but if you the last thing you want to do is mistakenly mix up rice and orzo (I’ve done it and well, eww).


You will find that things will flow much better if you keep similar items together. Whether it’s baking items, canned goods or snacks.

Location is key

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If there are items you use on a regular basis, try storing them lower. Items that are used infrequently can be stored up higher.

Try the NEAT Method

10 Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen // themotherhustlerblog.com

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NEAT Method is a lifestyle service committed to providing a more luxurious and smartly appointed living space.” Simply put, for all of you neat freaks and organization queens, this is the method for you.

Free Printable Hand-Lettered Pantry Labels.

10 Amazing Kitchen Organization Ideas // themotherhustlerblog.com

(Image Credit: The Creativity Exchange)

These are seriously the cutest things ever. Be sure to get yours from The Creativity Exchange. This is a just another form of labeling. If you are looking for more creative labeling ideas, be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

Maximize your space

10 Genius Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

Low on cabinets and space? Come up with creative ways to utilize the space that you have and maximize as much of it as possible, without adding to the clutter.

Baskets…because why not?

10 Genius Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

(Image Credit: Eleven Gables)

Baskets are the new-ish trend in home decor and storage solutions. Coming in a variety of sizes and shapes baskets are versatile being that you can always find one to compliment any space in your home.

Check out this article from Grits & Grace, on how you can use baskets to update the look of any space in your home.

Let Susan be the lazy one


Lazy Susan’s where a cool trend in the 90’s that have made a resurgence. They are great options for storage in the kitchen as they can be found in the upper cabinets for spices, lower cabinets for pots, pans or Tupperware, and countertops for other storage solutions.


Are you a kitchen organization pro? What method do you use to keep your space organized? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more tips and tricks!




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