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How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog With Pinterest

If Instagram is King, then Pinterest is probably Queen. For many bloggers, this remains one of their top sources of traffic referral.

I get around 600 views daily from Pinterest alone, and I what I love is that I can tell which pins drive the most traffic to my blog.

I have been using Pinterest since 2011 when it was by invite only. And I have forever been hooked on this amazing website. Since then, I have been using Pinterest as a tool to grow my blog. I don’t have a huge Pinterest following, however, I do have several group boards that gained popularity, and I have nearly 500,000 repins monthly (combined from 4 blogs and an e-commerce site), which has helped drive a ton of traffic my way.

Using Pinterest strategically is key, in getting traffic to come to your blog. The other thing is, you also want to work smarter, not harder right?

Well, I can’t promise it will be easy, to begin with, but I can tell you that once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature to you.

The first thing you have you understand is that Pinterest is basically a giant pictorial search engine. So you have to treat it as such. Use your keywords where needed and make sure your images are eye-catching enough that people will want to click on them.

1. Make sure your pinning to boards that are in your niche

One of my most popular parenting boards on Pinterest is Steady Mommin’, it a group board of other mommy bloggers, and it has been beneficial in driving lots of traffic to my blog and increase my Pinterest followers. Once you decide who your target audience is, create boards that will fit that niche. Make sure it is about things that other people want and like and not just you. Look at things from the perspective of your IDEAL audience.

2. Make sure your pins are “pin-able”

Pin-able pins are this:

-Vertical, as they are more visible in the feed and are eye-catching.

-Visually stimulating and will make your reader want to click on it.

-Has a description of the post and appropriate keywords. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, treat it as such. You have to entice your reader to click on your post.

-Call to action. If you’re selling something make sure you are making it known. If you are offering a free download make that the focus of your graphic.

-Easy to read text with the post title. Make sure you have headings and subheadings, also include your website somewhere on the graphic just in case Pinterest gets wonky and the app closes on your potential reader. This will help them in finding that pin again.

-Color coordinate. Don’t make it too busy. And make sure it goes with whatever your branding is. If you primarily on the darker end of the spectrum for your blog, having bright hot pink and lime green will probably confuse people. Don’t switch it up too much, try to stay consistent it will be what helps people recognize your brand.

When I started blogging, I would just pick any photo and use that on Pinterest, what’s also bad is that they weren’t high quality photos either. I have definitely gotten better over the years. Remember if they don’t like how it looks, they won’t click on it. Try and stick with vertical pins, and make sure you are constantly updating them as well. Create several different pins for the same post. I even switch up the titling on the pins, but they will link back to the same post.

3. Create a professional profile.

Having great content is key, but so is having a recognizable brand. Most people know Scary Mommy & Baby Making Machine (which is now Cherish 365), It can take years to build a brand that people will know instantly when they hear it. You want your Pinterest profile to visually appealing, as you want to give a stellar first impression. Make sure you have a board with your blog name as well.

Use your bio to tell the world about your blog and brand. If you have an e-book or course, be sure to mention it along with a shortened link. This will entice readers to click through and possibly buy what you are selling!

Also, be careful with your profile name. Make sure it is either your blog name or the name you are using across your social media channels. If you want you can also add your niche to your profile and when people search this will help your profile come up in the results.

All of your boards need to have cover images. I know, that can be very time consuming, but I promise you it is well worth it. You want to ensure your cover image represents what you want your brand to stand for. Pinterest allows you to choose 5 boards for a feature on your profile, make sure you choose your most popular boards, and the ones with high quality images.

Be sure to make the names of your boards things that people will search for. Using SEO keywords will help your potential readers and clients find you. For example use “Homeschool Activities for Elementary Students” instead of just “Homeschool Stuff”.

Lastly, add descriptions to your boards. This seems to be something that a lot of people overlook for one reason or another. 5-10 keywords is all need you to describe your board. It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out, just enough to get you noticed in search results.

4. Use Rich Pins

Rich pins are extrememly important. You don’t automatically get rich pins, you have to apply and then Pinterest will approve/verify your account. Rich ins enable you to add keyword-rich descriptions, and shows your website name where the pins came from along with your logo and the title of the post.

This is just another tool for creating brand recognition. In order to get rich pins, be sure you have a Pinterest business account.

5. Delete pins

Pins that aren’t being pinned will affect the rate in which your other pins will show up in peoples search results or feeds. So if you have pins that have never been repinned, delete them and only leave your most popular pins. In a way this will trick Pinterest into thinking that your items are being repinned, when really you just deleted the unpopular ones. Delete anything that does not fit your brand, and then go from there.

6. Schedule your pins

If you prefer to use a service like Tailwind or Boardbooster, then you can schedule pins to auto pin without having to log on and do it. Scheduling doesn’t take long and if you do it for the week, you don’t have to worry about it until the following week. If you sign up through my link for Tailwind, you get a free month to try it out!

7. Join Group Boards

If you want to reach more people join as many group boards that you can handle, just make sure to be active on them. If you find a board that you want to join, just shoot the owner and email. There are also websites that you can use to search out group boards as well.

8. Follow people in your niche

This works the same way it does on Instagram and Twitter. Follow people who are in a category similar to you. But please, whatever you do, do not pull the follow/unfollow mess. People hate that, and does nothing but get you unfollowed in return.

9. Promote via FB Groups and Share Threads

I am in quite a few blogging FB groups. I love the share threads, because it give me a chance to promote my content to wide range of people. If you do this, be sure to pay attention to group rules. If you don’t complete the threads you will be booted. You don’t want to get the label of a freeloader. There are millions of blogs out there, but trust me when I say, the blogging world is small.

10. Update any images as needed

Remember those ugly pins I used back in the day that mentioned? Well they were all upgraded. You can always use your Pinterest analytics to decide which pins need an update, however, I update around 20-30 different pins automatically every two months. This gives me a chance to keep things fresh.

What ways do you use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic? Let me know in the comments! And if you have any questions feel free to drop them below!

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