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5 Ways I Tripled My Blog Traffic in One Month

As a blogger one of our main goals when writing content is to get people to read it. It doesn’t matter how helpful or witty a post is, if no one is reading it, then it’s kind of pointless to continue writing. Getting traffic to your blog can also be a daunting task in itself. Unless you are an SEO master, it can be really difficult to get people to find your blog organically.

However, there are several non-SEO ways that you can promote your blog if you have an understanding of those platforms. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and StumbleUpon are all great resources for blog promotion.

If you’re still getting ready to launch your blog and want to know how to get set up, check out this post on starting a WordPress blog. If you want the full technical aspect of setting up WordPress, check out our eCourse on Teachable!

When I started this blog May 22, it immediately started doing well. However, half way through June, I realized that the early momentum I had started to slow down. I knew exactly why, and I knew exactly how to fix it.

The downside of this was, that through all of my fixing, I hit the dreaded blogger burnout. So midway through the month, I stopped writing and promoting my blog altogether, resulting in my stats not ending up so well. July 1st, I restarted my plan and decided that it was imperative that I pace myself in order to avoid getting burned out as I had previously. The last 30 days, I have been doing the five following steps almost daily and this has helped to dramatically increase my blog traffic, even more so than I expected.

As you can see, it wasn’t until the 22nd of the month that I FINALLY started hitting over 1,000 daily views. I want to point out that it took me nearly that long to show that it doesn’t happen overnight. These five steps that I am going to tell you will only work if you put in the work. You can see that through this my avg. session duration has dropped tremendously, and my bounce rate has increased as well (this is probably due to the increase in StumbleUpon traffic).

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Produce Quality Content

This should be a given, but the question I have seen a lot of bloggers ask is “how do I know I am producing quality content?” First, ask yourself does this appeal to my audience? If you aren’t sure, check out your analytics to see which articles resonate more with your readers. This will help you decide what you should be writing about on your blog. Make sure that you have share buttons on all of your posts. This is a common mistake that I see newbie bloggers make. Share buttons make it convenient for your content to be shared on other platforms.

Utilize Pinterest

After all of this time, I still don’t understand why “some” bloggers refuse to take advantage of Pinterest. 75% of my monthly traffic comes from that particular site. It’s not your typical social media site, as it is more of a visual search engine. If you don’t understand Pinterest SEO, read this post.

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Whether it’s making sure you blog every day or are active on social media, the overall key is consistency. I personally make sure that I am active on all social media sites for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. In reality that’s not a lot of time. But overall, I spend about an hour each day on social media promoting my blog and podcast which helps me gain new followers and subscribers.

Be active on social media

This is probably one of the easiest hardest things ever. When you delve into the blogging world the one thing you have to remember is to always go where your audience is. If your primary audience hangs out on social media then that where you should be. Being active on social media will not only drive new readers to you, it will also help to promote overall engagement, which is what you want if you plan on reaching out to brands.

Upgrade old content

There are days (and even weeks) where I don’t write out new content. In order to keep up the momentum, I recycle old blog post as much as possible. I will normally go through my older post and if anything needs to be updated I will. In addition, I will also create new Pinterest images for the older post as well.

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