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5 Ways To Consistently Grow Your Email List Every Week

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Having people read your blog is not just enough anymore. You want to make sure you retain those readers so that they keep coming back time after time, while also attracting more people to your blog.

What better way to do this that having an email list.

Growing your email list is one of the most basic marketing tools bloggers can have. The best part about having this is list is that there are plenty of FREE platforms out there that you can use, that you can use to start your list off (for example, MailChimp is free for the first 1,000 subscribers). Therefore, you don’t have to worry about shelling out the big bucks starting off every month for platforms like ConvertKit if you are a newbie starting out.

Are you ready to increase your blog, subscribers? Here are a few tips that you can use to increase your email list (which will go hand in hand with growing your website traffic).

Let me Upgrade U(r) Blog Posts

FREE is the magic word here. People see those four letters and it’s almost as if the heaven’s themselves have opened up.

The simplest (and best) way to grow your email list is by enticing your readers with free content. This is the numero uno tried and true method for all bloggers.


Giving away content  that your readers find useful will not only keep them coming back to see if you have more relevant information for them, but it also demonstrates the hard work and quality that you are putting into whatever it is you are giving away (let me be the first to tell, those printables can take forever to make).

Simply put, the more you offer the more they will come back. Don’t worry, I know time is valuable, and time is money; I’m not saying always offer free content, but mix it up a bit. This is a great way to get the ball rolling and having people come back and visit your blog time and time again.

Be heavy handed with opt-in forms

Having multiple opt-in forms on your site will give readers several opportunities to subscribe. However, the key to success with these forms is to be strategic, NOT annoying. Definitely, avoid more than one pop-up opt-in. The only thing that will happen is that people will leave your site faster than found you.

We’ve already talked about offering content upgrades to add subscribers to your email list. By including an opt-in form that readers must fill out in order to receive the download, is a great hack that is common among bloggers. Readers are basically receiving free content in exchange for their email address.

Prime Real Estate

Placement for opt-in forms is extremely important. Here are a few areas that offer bloggers success when strategically placing them.

Above the fold: This is the top portion of your website (the portion that you can see without scrolling down). Since this the place that readers will see as soon as they come to your site, placing an opt-in there would be a great move.

Between blog content: This is exactly how it sounds, place an opt-in form, dead smack in the middle of your blog post. While I don’t do this for every post, I do embed my opt-ins a couple times throughout post which I see receive the most traffic. In a webinar, I took last year it was stated that repetition drives conversions. So try this technique and see how it works out.

After blog posts: This is probably one of the most common places to include an opt-in form.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Add social buttons

Adding social buttons to the sides of your posts allow users to conveniently share your blog content as soon as they get the urge, rather than having them just at the bottom.

Repurpose your old content

Do have new information you can add to older posts? Can you create an infographic and add it to Pinterest, linking it to an older post? If so, then give this a try!


Stay Relevant

The thing about blogging and social media is you have to stay relevant in order to be seen. This means posting as much as possible. I know it can be tough; blogger burnout is real. But you won’t drive enough traffic to your site if you are only posting once a week or worse once a month. There is really no magic number for posting. However, I have seen the most growth when I would post 6 days a week.

Also knowing which hashtags to use on Instagram and Twitter are also important. Twitter doesn’t have a long post life (it’s like what 15 seconds), so it may be harder to be seen on that platform. But knowing how to crack Instagram can do wonders for your blog traffic.

Instagram Hashtags to Increase Your Followers & Engagement

Join group boards on Pinterest

I can’t stress enough WHY Pinterest should be a go to for marketing for bloggers. Seriously if you aren’t using this platform you need to now. There are plenty of group boards with thousands of followers. If you want to join one, simply email the creator and find out if they are accepting contributors.

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