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Dream Hustle | Three hustle jobs that could change your life (and finances) | themotherhustlerblog.com

The Dream Hustle: 3 Side Hustles That Could Change Your Life (and financial circumstances)

Are looking for a unique side hustle that doesn’t have you strapped to a computer at all hours of the night? Have you ever wanted to break into show business, some way or somehow and didn’t know where to start? Well here are three opportunities for those who have the talent (and even if you don’t, I mean at the very least, if you’ve always wanted to try, why not).

I call this the “dream hustle” because that’s exactly what it is. These are one in a million shots, that may or may not pan out for you, but because I am committed to putting out there interesting ways I can find to make money, well they are being included.

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Backup Dancer

If you think you can dance, well then the hip-hop dance queen herself Missy Elliot, is looking for some people “Work It” on stage next to her. Auditions will be held Friday June 9th in Atlanta, and applicants are being asked to “do their research on Missy” ahead of time. So if you think you got what it takes why not give this a shot!

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios is currently hiring extras for the Avenger’s Infinity War movies (Part II is still untitled). The films which are projected to come out May 3, 2018, and May 4, 2019, are seeking extras who are police, firefighters, EMT and those with tactical experience. The only downside is that you have to fit into the costumes provided; this means men have to have no bigger than a 36′ waist and women must be a size 0-8. Filming will begin July 12 in Downtown Atlanta.

This is probably one of the biggest opportunities for anyone looking for a hustle. Marvel is always seeking extras and personally, I am waiting for the casting call for Black Panther.


Disney Paris is currently hiring villains (as are a few other parks). If you are good at being bad, well this is the gig for you. Being a costumed cast member isn’t for the faint at heart (my former roommate was Chip & Dale), there is a lot of preparation that goes into this. If you are looking for opportunities to audition with Disney, then be sure to check their site for the audition calendar.

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