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8 Podcast You Need To Check Your Finances | debt free | podcast | budgeting | you need a budget | themotherhustler.com

12 Podcasts To Help You Get on the Right Track Financially

If you are an avid podcast listener and are looking for a podcast dedicated to improving your finances, we have some great programs for you to listen too. From education to being told how is (and even a swift kick in the pants), these podcasts have it all.

Side Hustle Nation

“Welcome to The Side Hustle Show: Because Your 9-5 May Make You a Living, But Your 5-9 Makes You Alive!” I absolutely love the intro to this show, and it is slowly becoming my second mantra. One of the first podcast I listened to was how to use Pinterest to grow your traffic, and being able to make money blogging.

The Side Hustle Show Episode 142

You Need A Budget

One of the most popular online budgeting tools is also a popular podcast. Jesse Mecham’s podcast, is by far a fan favorite, especially of those familiar with Dave Ramsey (as YNAB is recommended).

YNAB Episode 274 “Unearthed Priorities


Millenial is a podcast that I have definitely been able to relate to. Creator Megan Tan discusses everything under the sun, and it has honestly opened my eyes to a lot of things I could have and should have done differently. Even though I am on the older Millenial side being 33, the 20 -something-year-old problems that she discusses are still relevant. However, from my perspective, it’s more of a been there, done that; now I need to make sure my kids and everyone around me know better.

Millenial Episode 5 “Men, Moms, and Money”

Paychecks & Balances

This is another Millenial driven podcast (see we aren’t all that bad). Rich + Marcus are like my best friends (in my head). I love listening to their podcast. They keep it real, and a lot of times that what people needs.

Paychecks & Balances Episode 52 “I Ain’t Too Proud to Budget”

Bad Money

If you want a podcast that will sometimes leave you wondering “yeah I suck”, well this is the show for you. If you are on the fence about doing the right thing with your gawp (read money) It’s the wake-up call that you need in your life.

Bad Money “Who Can Afford To Have Sex (AKA Babies)”


HerMoney is a woman driven podcast, specifically for women.

HerMoney “How to Make Your Kid A Money Genius, Even If You’re Not”

Like A Mother

Emma Johnson of Wealthy Single Mommy has a wonderful podcast. If you are a single mom (or mom in general), she offers some amazing tips, not just on finances, but on everything under the sun.

Like A Mother “Breadwinner Mothers”


Money Girl

Laura Adams provides tips not just for newbies who are just setting on the path to financial freedom, but for those who are established as well. Her website Quick and Dirty Tips has some great tips on a wide variety of topics from student loans to setting your kids on the path to financial freedom.

Money Girl Episode 448 “Options to Get A Loan With Bad Credit”

Stuff Mom Never Told You

This podcast hits on a wide range of topics, but like HerMoney it is primarily driven towards women.

SMNTY “Women and Pyramid Schemes”


This podcast is a spin of the popular book. If you are new to podcasts listening, this is a great place to start.

Freakonomics “Would A Big Bucket of Cash Really Change Your Life”

Stacking Benjamins

If you are serious about getting out of debt and learning about gaining true financial freedom then this is the podcast for you.

Stacking Benjamins “Turning Debt Into Motivation”

Planet Money

This podcast explores the correlation between the conversation to economics and community repercussions of individual’s relationships with money. Planet Money also details useful perspectives on more personal financial subjects.

Planet Money “The Real Price of College”

12 Finance Podcast to Start Your Path To Financial Freedom | themotherhustlerblog.com


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